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Health Insurance

Health Insurance | Robert L. Bell, RHU, LLC - Amarillo, TX

If you’ve missed the deadline for open enrollment on the insurance marketplace, you aren’t alone. Literally thousands of Americans are still without health insurance. Maybe, you looked online a few times, but couldn’t make a decision because there were too many confusing options. It’s hard to figure out what you need and how much you should pay for it. Especially, if you’re only assistance is a computer monitor, or a representative on the phone that you’ve waited half an hour to talk to.

Some people spent weeks coming home after work to browse the marketplace, trying their best to select a plan before the deadline. Unfortunately, you can’t spend all evening on the computer or on the phone waiting for your questions to be answered. You have to get your household ready for the next day.

Fortunately, there’s hope for you yet. Robert L. Bell, RHU, LLC can answer all of your health insurance questions and can guide you through each option to ensure you make the right choice for your circumstances. You can get the help you need in person and without waiting on hold half the evening.

Many people can still qualify for insurance even though the marketplace has closed. I can help you find out if you still qualify. If you qualify for Medicare – that’s even better. I’ve dealt exclusively with Medicare coverage in Amarillo, TX for years, and can offer the expertise you need to make the right choice.

I’m also committed to making sure you understand the plan you’ve selected, because I believe that my clients should be empowered with the knowledge to remain confident in their health insurance choices.

Don’t make the wrong choice simply because the available medical plans were confusing. Call me today for the one-on-one attention everyone deserves when choosing a health insurance plan!

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