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About Robert L. Bell, RHU, LLC

About Us | Robert L. Bell, RHU, LLC - Amarillo, TX

I’m a registered health underwriter, specializing in Medicare coverage. I’ve been exclusively serving Amarillo, TX for nearly 40 years. My experience in the health insurance business has allowed me to interact with thousands of clients across the state of Texas and beyond. I’ve built a reputation for honest and fair business dealings and I’m ready to work with you.

I strive to be the best patient advocate I can be. This means, I work on your behalf and speak up for you when necessary. I make work harder for insurance clerks at medical offices who would rather send you a bill than make sure the services were not already covered by your plan.

I can help you chose the best plan for your needs, or reevaluate the plan you’ve already selected. If you’ve been fighting an uphill battle with your insurance company, I can take a look at your policy, and advocate on your behalf.

I’m also licensed to assist you in selecting the best life insurance policy for your needs and circumstances. I’m not just in the business to make money. I thrive on making a positive difference in your life.

Get in touch with me today to find out how I can help!

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