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Health Insurance

Health Insurance | Robert L. Bell, RHU, LLC - Amarillo, TX

If you’ve missed the deadline for open enrollment on the insurance marketplace, you aren’t alone. Literally thousands of Americans are still without...

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Health Insurance Claims Consultant

Health Insurance Claims Consultant | Robert L. Bell, RHU, LLC - Amarillo, TX

There’s a lot changing about healthcare in America. Many of you have already switched healthcare companies or are seriously considering making a change...

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance | Robert L. Bell, RHU, LLC - Amarillo, TX,TX

Life insurance can be very intimidating for people. No one really wants to think about the day they leave the earth, especially if you’re young and...

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Welcome To Robert L. Bell, RHU, LLC

For the last four decades, I’ve been working in the Amarillo, TX community. I’ve enjoyed helping individuals decipher their insurance plans – both medical and life. I’ve learned that all of my clients have some things in common.

• They’re intimidated – The language in your policy is created to confuse you. Insurance companies are in the business of making money; they don’t need you understanding every aspect of their schemes.

• They’re confused – With so many options, it’s hard to make a confident choice. Many times, my clients put off choosing a plan altogether.

• They’re good people – Most of what I enjoy about my work is the opportunity to advocate on your behalf. I don’t like seeing good people mistreated and I love stepping in to protect them.

There’s good news. I can assist with all of your insurance problems. I’ve got the knowledge and experience to translate every aspect of your insurance policy. No more getting literature in the mail that you don’t understand. Plus, my health insurance claims consultation will make sure you’re not getting taken advantage of. Also, I can manage all of the paperwork and lengthy phone calls that deter you from getting what you deserve.

If you haven’t chosen medical insurance, you aren’t alone. Many have neglected to select health insurance plans because there’s too much to choose from. I have the time and patience to sit down with you to discuss and explain all of your options. You’ll be confident in your selection once you leave my office.

I’m ready to answer all of your insurance questions. Life insurance can also be confusing, and many people assume they don’t need it until they’re older. Stop by my office to learn how to get the most out of your medical insurance and life insurance policies. Don’t let another big insurance company or medical professional intimidate you. Call me today for the solutions you need!

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